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About Sue

Hi, I’m the Woolly Pedlar, upcycler of unwanted knitwear into fabulous and funky clothes, soft furnishings and accessories. I work from home, a stone’s throw from Hadrian’s Wall, in rural Northumberland.

The Woolly Pedlar came about from writing my blog, the Bridge Cottage Way, which talks about sustainable living, and making the most of what we have. Whilst setting up a knitting group as a result of the Bridge Cottage Way, I had a request from a friend to make a pair of Katwise armwarmers she had seen on the internet. These weren’t knitted, but used an overlocker to sew preshrunk jumpers. I bought my first overlocker sewing machine, made her some, and the rest is history.

I left my teaching career of 25 years, and began woolly pedlaring. That was in 2011, and I now work full time, turning others’ unwanted knitwear into funky clothes, soft furnishings and accessories.


‘Upcycling’ means to turn what is not wanted into something better, and the truly green nature of this business means that by using recycled knitwear, I am producing quality merchandise whilst reducing the drain on the planet’s resources.

Much of the knitwear I use has been rescued before going to landfill. It may have been ‘ragged’ by charity shops or wholesale textile merchants, because of felting or holes. These can be cut around and used in patchwork designs.

I also buy top quality second hand jumpers and use these for the bodices of jumpers and sweatercoats. Any waste scraps from my work is passed onto those using if for crafts such a proggy matting, a time honoured north-east tradition.

I like to use wool as it is a totally natural product, that not only is wonderful to work with, but is a totally renewable, biodegradable material that has excellent insulation properties

Each new creation is very much a ‘serendipity’ moment, with each design depending on what jumpers I have been able to find. No two items are ever the same.

  • I do not give my items a dress size, but give actual measurements of the garments – chest size and length.
  • I recommend that all items purchased are hand washed – as they label says, ‘wash with care and love’ and your woolly creation will last for many years to come.
  • As well as selling online, I can also be found out and about selling my woolly wares at markets and festivals, Go to the Events tab to find out where I’ll be popping up next.

What our Customers Think

Jane Hill

‘It’s arrived and I’m so cold, I’ve got it on…SO cosy, I LOVE it..and the arm warmers are superb and complete my coat beautifully. THANK you..you’re a star’.

Jane HillCustomer
Bonnie Jonson

‘I absolutely love the armwarmers you made for my daughter. They are exactly the right colours and she will be over the moon. Thank you’

Bonnie JonsonCustomer