A Hug For Vanessa

I’ve just come back from jolly old Hexham town, and a lovely lunch date with my dear friend, Vanessa. We enjoyed an excellent bowl of butternut squash and red pepper soup, and a delicious fluffy cheese scone at The Tans Vegetarian Restauarant.

I had arranged to meet Vanessa, to hand over the ‘waterfall shawl’ I’d made with her mum’s cashmere jumpers. You see, Vanessa’s mum, Agnes had passed away recently. Being a lover of bright colours and cashmere, Vanessa asked her to make her something special that she could wrap around herself and remember her mum by.

As we ate our lunch, I asked Vanessa about Agnes. Vanessa told me about her love of design and clothing, having designed clothes herself as a young girl. Indeed, her parents had taken the young Agnes, over to Carlisle, with her dress designs, to have them made up for her. Agnes started work at a young age as a ‘tracer’. In the days before scanners and photocopiers, women were employed to trace engineering and mechanical drawings onto fine linen by hand. A very talented and skilled job. Vanessa remembers her mum telling her about being locked in a room as she was copying somethng top secret for the government, and being scared of the mouse she was locked in the room with.

Agnes brought Vanessa up to be an individual and actively encouraged her to be different from everyone around her. Agnes sounds enormous fun. She loved bright clothing, especially reds and purples, and would never have gone down the ‘beige route’ than so often befalls the elderly.

Vanessa remembers her mum with great fondness, as a loving mum, with a great sense of fun.

I was so very honoured to make this waterfall shawl for Vanessa from Agnes’ cashmere cardigans.


If you would like to discuss a memorial product, do get in touch. I have made bedspreads, throws and cushions in the past using a loved ones’ jumpers and cardigans. You can get more information on the Memorial Page on the website.

I have made other waterfall shawls, and while stocks last, these can be found in the Woolly Wraps section in Upcycled Women’s Clothing over in the shop.

I’m planning other colours in waterfall shawls, and all being well, plan to have lots with me at Woolfest in June.

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