A Steep Learning Curve

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For an old lady of 52, it’s been a steep learning curve over the past two and half years as I’ve learnt how to: set up a Facebook business page; open and use a Twitter account; write a blog, The Bridge Cottage Way using Blogspot; discovered the world of Instagram and Tumblr; set up a profile in LinkdIn and Google; began to get to grips with uploading photos and text to my website.  My latest foray into the world of technology has been to learn how to use Mailchimp.

I have been wanting to send out a newsletter for some time. For two reasons: Firstly, many of my customers are not on Facebook, Twitter or the like, and therefore do not get news of where I’ll be selling my woolly wares next, what I’ve been working on, or any of the woolly upcycling banter that occurs.

Secondly, those of you on Facebook will realise that unless you continually ‘like’ or comment on a person’s posts, then they disappear out of your new feed. News feeds, are of course, by their nature, transitory, and therefore information is moving on all the time. A newsletter may well address this issue by arrving in folks’ inboxes and staying there til deleted.

So, I give you The Woolly Pedlar’s Newsletter – a monthy update of my woolly goings on. – click on the words!  The next one will be in January when I will be revealing the launchdate of the online shop! Exciting times indeed.


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