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Getting the Work/Life Balance in Order

I started my little upcycling business, The Woolly Pedlar three years ago, and since then I’ve been on a mission to prove that I can run a succesfull business, and bring in a wage to help the family finances. This has seen me often working all week from dawn til dusk and at weekends too. […]

Hexham Farmer’s Market

I am absolutely delighted to have been accepted into the fold of the Hexham Farmer’s Market for the past three weeks as a guest producer. The market is held my local town of Hexham, on the second and fourth Saturdays in the month in the historic Market Place in the centre of town. It’s an […]

The Art of Proggy Matting

There is an old Weardale story about an elderly couple. The old fella was lying gravely ill in bed, and the doctor was called. His wife, feared the worst. However, to everyone’s surprise, he made a good recovery, and one day felt like getting up and breathing in the fresh Weardale air and called for […]

Well I never did, we’re in the paper!

Last week I wrote about the launch of the online shop, and I’m pleased to say that Monday saw me going to the post office with an armful of orders. We’ve been debating over on my Facebook page, about packaging and whether I should reuse old carrier bags and other packaging or continue to use […]

It’s been quite a day!

It’s been quite a day, and so much so, that I took myself off for a walk in the woods at Allen Banks to calm down! Today at 9am the online shop went live after week of non stop work making enough stock to do it justice. We’ve pulled out all the stops during January […]

P, P, P….Pick Up a Poncho

Ok, hand’s up! Who had a poncho back in the 70s? I certainly did – crocheted by my Nanna. It was hideous! White and coral stripes with tassels, lovely! I think it might even have been acrylic. We’ve been talking today, over on the Woolly Pedlar’s Facebook page, about what you would call a group […]

There are Two ‘L’s in Woolly

Have I ever told you how the name, The Woolly Pedlar (take note of the spelling) came about? We’ve always been lovers of music festivals in this family, and when I was thinking about setting up this little business, I had the idea of powering a sewing machine at festivals by bike power. That is […]

Pondering Patchwork

I have got my hands on a load of thick wool jackets which were destined for landfill as they have the odd little hole in them and cannot be resold in the second hand shops. They are made from the most wonderful thick wool, but are too thick for making into my sweatercoats and jumpers. […]

Getting some help

‘Recycled, Upcycled and Handmade by Me’ has been the message on the sign above my stall for the last couple of years, and I’ve taken great pride in the fact that I’ve made everything myself. However, The Woolly Pedlar brand has gone from strength to strength and I just can’t make enough to meet demand […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! How did you celebrate New Year? We have a family tradition to go out for a meal – my husband, the three ‘kids’ and myself. The ‘kids’ are 18, 21 and 23, and here we all are in the other tradition, which is our family group photo at New Year. After […]