Rainy Day Activities. A woollen flower brooch.

Rainy Day Activities - A Woollen Flower Brooch.

Having been out for a 5 mile walk this morning, enjoying what…
A Hug For Vanessa

A Hug For Vanessa

I've just come back from jolly old Hexham town, and a lovely…
Waterfall Shawl. Free form wool wrap

The Waterfall Shawl. Free Form Sculptural Textile Art.

The Wool Clip has put on an exhibition at the Upfront Arts Gallery…
The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East Take Two - More Snow

More snow! It would appear we are in the grips of 'The Beast…
A Deconstructed Jacket

A Deconstructed Jacket

Jumping on the deconstructed band wagon, although I much prefer…
Facebook Live 28 Jan 2018

Facebook Live

I did it! Facebook live that is. There were a couple of…

Turn and Face the Strange - Facebook Changes 2018

So, Facebook is changing. Mark Zuckerberg has said that the changes…
Walking in Northumberland

That Old Chestnut - A Healthy Work Life Balance

We’ve just got back from our second 4 mile walk in a fortnight.…
The Woolly Pedlar

Tales from the Woolly Garret. Looking back at 2017

I'm on the wagon. The blogging wagon that is. I’d fallen off,…
On the road in September

Autumn Adventures to Yarndale and Perth

September has seen The Woolly Pedlar on the road again. First…
Perth Festival of Yarn 2017

On the Road Again. More Tales from the Woolly Garret

You may have read my previous blogpost, where I wrote about how…
On top of Great Cockup

Tales from the Woolly Garret. A Different Kind of Summer.

For the past several years, summer would see me packing up the…

Well, that was fun! Open Studio & Garden Party 2017

I cannot let the week go by without writing a quick blog post…
Looking for waste wool knitwear

Finding Recycled Wool Knitwear - it's easier said than done!

If we've not met before, let me introduce myself. I'm The…
The Wool Clip Team at Woolfest 2017

Woolfest 2017 - Doing it Differently

This year's Woolfest was a very different weekend to the three…
Getting ready for Woolfest 2017

Rage Against the Machine. Getting Ready for Woolfest 2017

You can tell when I've got a big event on the horizon. I wake…
James and Amy with their upcycled wool bedspread

A Special Wedding Present from Recycled Woollens

James and Amy live aboard this beautiful narrow boat, which…
Beltane Fire May 2017

Beltane Blessings! May Day Bank Holiday Clearance Sale

Beltane Blessings!  It's the beginning of May, and I can't believe…
Double Moss Stitch

The Deftly Textured Sweater Pattern

I've had a wonderful weekend. It's been the Easter weekend, with…
Looking Back Over Five Years Peddling My Wool by The Woolly Pedlar

Looking Back At The Past Five Years Peddling my Wool

It's been an incredible five years. Six years ago I had to…
Spring Time Hexham

A Lovely Spring Day in Hexham

Yesterday I had a lovely day in Hexham, my local market town.…
work experience Berlin

Getting Help from Berlin

Nele has come from Berlin to Bridge Cottage, for six week's work…
The Wool Clip, Caldbeck, Cumbria.

Thrilled to be Joining The Wool Clip

I've been bursting to share this news with you for some time…
Photo by Corinne Hills Photography

Woolly Hats in the Woods

This blog post is a celebration of several things. Of…
Vibernum at Bridge Cottage

Tales From The Woolly Garret: The January Blues

So, the tree's down and the kids have left to go back to their…
Tales Woolly Garret Learn Sew Book

Tales From the Woolly Garret. My Learn to Sew Book

I actually squealed with delight when I unwrapped my parent's…
Happy New Year from The Woolly Pedlar

Tales from The Woolly Garret. Looking Back at 2016.

I'm in that limbo land between Christmas and New Year, when…
woolly wrap happy christmas woolly pedlar

Happy Christmas - It's a wrap!

Happy Christmas one and all! It’s time to leave the woolly…
Recycling Textiles Bristol

The Bristol Connection - Recycling Woollens in the UK

We've been to Bristol for the weekend. 'Come for lunch' my in-laws…
Jeremy Corbyn supports small business

Jeremy Corbyn Supports The Woolly Pedlar

Here at Woolly HQ, I am one very excited Woolly Pedlar. Jeremy…

Upcycled Hats from House of Cheviot Sock Tops

They say when one door closes, another one opens. After Hawick…
Memory Products

In Memory of Aline - Memory Cushions for the Family.

One of the lovely things about making bespoke and one off items,…

Scope Step Up to the Plate with Recycled Wool Textiles

My quest for recycled wool textiles to recycle has taken many…

It's all gone a bit 'backendish' as they say in Weardale

Before we moved to Bridge Cottage, Tim and I lived in Upper Weardale,…

Phew! I've Found My Mojo Again

You'd have thought that coming back from my favourite festival,…

Take an Old Stripy Scarf...Upcycling Knitwear

Every week I visit four charity shops in my home town of Hexham,…

Read All About It!

Not exactly Harpers and Queen or Vogue, but hey, it's exposure…

Woolfest 2016

It's a bit like Christmas. There's masses of work before hand,…

How much? For an Old Jumper! A Look at Pricing.

They say that pricing is one of the hardest things to get right.…

Cycling Around Orkney

Apparently it was my idea, though I suspect wine might have been…

How the Woolly Pedlar got her Name

Back in 2011, my little upcycling business, The Woolly Pedlar…

Satisfied Customers

Over on my Facebook page, I've been creating an album for the…

Zerowaste - Upcycling, upcycling and upcycling some more.

By now you probably know that I upcycle preloved wool jumpers…

Digging Vintage!

When Gayle from Vintage at the Tower in Corbridge invited me…

Take Two Boring Blue Jumpers ... Ecofashion!

I love a felted wool jumper! When I'm on a jumper gathering mission,…

The Sad Demise Of Hawick Knitwear

A year ago, on my birthday to be precise, I drove my van up the…

Are you on Instagram?

Continuing my four part series on using social media for a small…

The Power of Twitter

Following on from last week's post, about the Highs and Lows…

The Highs and Lows of Using Facebook as a Small Business

Oh Facebook you fickle friend! You really have incensed me this…

Working with Recycled Wool - A Few Questions Answered

Morning! It's a bit of a damp squib out there, and all intentions…

Feeling SO Supported

I love my Facebook followers! This week I posted a photo of my…

Green Inspiration

Those of you who have followed my blogging for a while and have…

Think I'll keep this one!

It's a tough call, modelling ones' own work, especially when…

Christmas Markets Begin - Don't Panic Mrs Mainwaring!

If there were a theme tune running through my life over the next…