I have a heavy heart

Yesterday I set up my stall in the market place in Hexham under dark skies and heavy rain. It was the Spring Fair, but it felt anything but springlike. The general mood amongst my fellow traders and lots of punters was disbelief at the recent election results and a huge sense of foreboding and of hard times to come. I actually saw Guy Opermann, our Conservative MP, stride through this market place with a smile of victory on his face, and I felt even more saddened.

I remember arriving in Easington Colliery a year after the end of the miner’s strike and being shocked at what I saw. I was as green as grass, coming from my teacher training in Richmond-upon Thames following a childhood growing up on the south coast.  I remember the grocery store with a faded packet of J cloths in the window, and shelves with a few bare essentials. A parent of one of my pupils collected sea coal from the beach and held her child over newspaper because she coud not afford nappies. Today I heard of a man who, on a zero hours contract, had just £3 to feed his family for, for the rest of the week.

I cried last night as I read a Facebook post outloud to my kids. ‘Why are you crying? Mum, they asked. I replied, ‘because I lived in Toxteth in the early ’80s and remember the riots. I taught in County Durham after the miner’s strike under Margaret Thatcher’s reign of terror. I remember what living under a long term Conservative government is like for the vunerable, unemployed, and disabled, not to mention the trade unions and those trying to stand up for what is right’

I feel I should apologise for bringing politics into my blog, but I feel so baffled by why so many have voted thus, I felt I had to write about it. I was going to write a jolly post all about the Katwise sweatercoat, but that will have to wait for another day, when the sun comes out and I feel more jolly. I’m sorry there are no photos with this blog.

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  1. Lesley Anne Burton (Kinney)
    Lesley Anne Burton (Kinney) says:

    Yes, who are these people who voted Conservative? Obviously people who will never get ill or disabled or unemployed. Obviously people whose relatives will never get ill or disabled or unemployed. Obviously people whose neighbours will never get ill or disabled or unemployed!!
    In the end though, only 36.9% of the country voted for them. A larger percentage of people voted for Left leaning parties. Who knows where the UKIP votes came from!

    • Sue
      Sue says:

      Thanks for leaving your comment Lesley – at least it is stirring me and many others up into getting invloved in politics again, and looking for ways I can bring direct action to make a difference. United we stand!

  2. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    Your blog = your rules. Don’t apologise. I feel the same way. Makes no sense at all. Has me thinking about ways our family will have to survive to make it through. Next election I pray we do not have another Tory win.

    • Sue
      Sue says:

      No I haven’t Karen, and thank for sharing it! I also want to see the film ‘Trashed’ I don’t suppose you have a link to that too? Thanks for your comment – sending love to you in Oz! xx

  3. Foz
    Foz says:

    It seems to me that those who vote Tory don’t actually care about others in this life. Are we not supposed to be in this together is it not our country our people. Yet when it comes to the rich and wealthy then it’s my money it’s my needs only that I care about. ( I being them ) I guess it just proves the lack of empathy here in today’s society. Why is it that its ok for the churches and the local charities and retired folk using their time to make a difference to those less fortunate. Helping out at food banks etc. I’m sure without these helpful folk it could be a lot worse. Oh I don’t know where I’m going with this sue. ??? I feel just so disappointed and distressed that human nature among Tories can be so uncaring and inconsiderate to the needs of people in our own country when many have given so much back to this country. Basically it’s just not fair. And I guess it means I’ll be signing twice as many petitions just to keep open hospitals and to prevent more distruction of our public services knowing that an elite few will be gaining immensely from people’s misfortune. Very very sad indeed. I guess ya won’t be seeing us for even longer now? Wishing those less fortunate some light at the end of some dark times. Xxx lots o love sue xx

  4. Sue
    Sue says:

    My feelings exactly – I was there too and saw the MP looking very smug. I can’t get my heart around what will happen for people already living in poverty.

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