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It’s goodbye from me……..

So it’s finally over and out for me. I’ve set today, May 1st, as the date I retire from my duties as The Woolly Pedlar, and in a minute will introduce to Laurie, who is taking over the business. I’ll be doing a Facebook Live at 8pm if any of you can join me.

I’m sure Laurie will have far more to say to you once she is up and running. Our solicitors are still trying up a few loose ends, so the actual handover hasn’t taken place, but is imminent.  When everything is ready, I will hand over the newsletter, website and blog to her. In the meantime, you can still use the website and I will send out any orders.

I would like to thank you all so much for your tremendous support over the past eight years. It’s been a wonderful journey, starting with a pair of armwarmers and ending as worldwide brand.  I’ll leave you to read over my past blog posts rather than wax lyrical about it all now.

As you may or may not know, I’m starting a new chapter, and will be going to Newcastle University in September to do my MA in Creative Writing. I am very much looking forward to learning the craft with some excellent tutors. So look out for my first book!

If you would like to continue to follow me, you can do so from my new website which is currently being built at . I plan to blog about my progress in becoming a writer, and will put links to any work I get published.

If social media is your thing, then you can follow me on Facebook at or on Instagram @suereedwrites or Twitter @suereed62

Laurie Beranek, the new Woolly Pedlar

Laurie Beranek, the new Woolly Pedlar

So, let’s introduce you to Laurie Beranek who will be the new Woolly Pedlar. Laurie lives in Wisconsin, USA and has been sewing all her life. She designs crochet patterns and has a passion for fibre. I am very excited after chatting to Laurie, as she has some great ideas to bring to the business. I know you are going to love her – she is a really sweet person and I am confident the business is in safe hands. Laurie tells me that she has plans to make buying easy for UK customers and those in other countries.  Of course, those of you in the United States will be thrilled the business is coming Stateside!

Good byes are never easy, and I have very mixed emotions. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My business would not have got to where it is without your loyal support and custom. I have made some very dear friends both is the trading family and as customers and I do hope to keep in touch with many of you.

With very best wishes

Over and out from me

Sue x

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