Jeremy Corbyn Supports The Woolly Pedlar

Here at Woolly HQ, I am one very excited Woolly Pedlar. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of The Labour Party, has just visited our local village shop, Bardon Mill Village Shop and Tea Room, and bought his lovely wife, Laura one of my upcycled woolly wraps!

Bardon Mill Village Shop

Bardon Mill Village Store and Tea Room, one of The Woolly Pedlar’s local stockists

Imagine my excitement when I heard that Jeremy Corbyn was on the same train from Newcastle as my son’s girlfriend, and not only that, but he had got off the train with his wife, Laura, at Bardon Mill. Now, Bardon Mill is only a very small station, and we only get half a dozen trains stopping there a day. It is, however, a gateway up to the magnificent countryside of Hadrian’s Wall and that was where Jeremy and his wife were headed for a well earned day off and walk in stunning countryside after all the hustle and bustle of the Labour Conference the previous week.

Hadrian's Wall at Steel Rigg, Bardon Mill, Northumberland

Hadrian’s Wall at Steel Rigg

As Jeremy and Laura walked up towards the village, my son Tom chatted to him about walking and the countryside around, and the route their walk could take.

In the shop, my son’s girlfriend and Jeremy helped Laura choose which woolly wrap suited her the best, and Jeremy bought it for her.

Jeremy Corbyn buys from The Woolly Pedlar

Jeremy Corbyn chooses his wife a woolly wrap made by The Woolly Pedlar at Bardon Mill Village Store and Tearoom


I don’t know what your political persuasion is, and I do try to keep politics out of my work, but I am a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I strongly believe in anti-austerity and equality, and believe that he is the best thing to have happened to British politics in a very long time. I was over the moon to hear that Jeremy liked my work enough to buy his wife something.


I am as pleased as punch that my upcycled woolly wares will be going back down to London with Jeremy and Laura. I hope they enjoyed their walk, and I hope my wrap kept Laura warm!

If you’d like a woolly wrap like Laura, Jeremy Corbyn’s wife, then head over to Woolly Wraps, in Women’s Clothing on the web shop and you’ll find a good selection.

You can also find out where I’ll be selling my woolly wares next using the Events tab.

Local Stockists can be found under ‘Customer Info’.

Jeremy Corbyn supports small business

Jeremy Corbyn support small business in north east The Woolly Pedlar

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