I’m leaving all things woolly for a bit of a newsflash. I’ve achieved one of my life long ambitions. That is to see the Northern Lights.

Thanks to the power of Twitter, we were alterted to the presence of the Aurora Borealis last night at about 11pm, and we all shot upstairs to the woolly garret, and threw open all four Velux windows.

We look north from these over to Hadrian’s Wall, and with only a few lights visible form Bardon Mill, the view was amazing.

I’d never photographed the night sky successfully before, and was torn between watching the spectacle and going back downstairs to google appropriate camera settings. I decided on the latter, and boy was I glad I did! The ISO was set at 800 and the shutter speed at 15″, I took these photos. (Here’s the link I found that was really useful: Camera Settings: Aurora)

I hardly slept a wink afterwards, feeling so energised, excited and blessed. Thank you Northern Lights, you were everything I’d hoped you would be, and I didn’t even have to leave the house! I love living in rural Northumberland.