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Not exactly Harpers and Queen or Vogue, but hey, it’s exposure none the less. I’m in Women’s Weekly this week! It’s in the issue dated 12 July and is on sale in your newsagents now!



It’s a nice piece, (even though I don’t knit, as the front cover says) with lots of photos and family members – there’s Hannah and John, my two youngest, and Mari, who is my eldest son’s girlfriend, in the centre. It’s interesting that they pick up on the whole recycling and looking after the planet concept, which is after all where The Woolly Pedlar sprung from, when I was writing a blog about living sustainably, The Bridge Cottage Way. 


In other news, you’ll also find The Woolly Pedlar in this month’s issue of To Knit and Crochet, published by the Knitting Network, so thanks to the two journalists involved, who looked down the Google tube for upcyclers and found me! The power of the internet knows no bounds


Thanks must go to Mari, Hannah and Tom, my models! Cheers guys 🙂


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