Time to regenerate. The Woolly Pedlar is For Sale

Time to Regenerate – The Woolly Pedlar is for Sale

Personally, I’m not a Dr Who fan, but I do like the analogy of regenerating, which is what I am hoping The Woolly Pedlar will do.  I am looking for  someone else, or a group of someone elses to take the reins from me, and become the new Woolly Pedlar. I have always promised myself that by the time I’m 60, I’ll have written a book, and this week I am heading up to Newcastle University to find out about doing my MA in Creative Writing in September. I’m 57 next week, so I have three years in which to get writing! I also begin childminding my granddaughter very soon, as her mum, my daughter, returns to work.

So, whilst The Woolly Pedlar is doing really well, and I’m still loving making clothes from your preloved sweaters, I feel that this is a good time to sell the business. Would you like to be the next Woolly Pedlar?  Do you have passion for fibre and wool, or for running an ethical business? There’s nothing to say that you have to run the business the same way as I have done, but with the sale, I’m offering all goodwill, my very active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, website and branding. There is also the option to get the machinery and hardware plus any surplus stock. I would give all my designs and knowledge and work with you as much as I can to help with the transition.

So, if you know of someone, or a group of folk that would like to take over this thriving business, then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Half Term Pixie Poncho Sale

There’s certainly a nip in the air up here in Northumberland for half term week. It’s bright and sunny mind you, and the autumn colours are looking glorious. To help keep your little ones warm and cosy when out and about collecting leaves and conkers, I’ve reduced all children’s ponchos on the website. I’ve taken £10 off all sizes, making a discount of around 25%. It’s free dielivery too is you live in the UK. I’m happy to send abroad too.

Autumn Poncho Sale

Autumn Poncho Sale

My ponchos are made from squares of recycled wool knitwear, with lots of lovely soft lambswool. They come in two styles, either with a pixie hood, or a round neck.

Pixie Hooded Poncho Age 1-3

Pixie Hooded Poncho Age 1-3

round neck poncho age 3-5

round neck poncho age 3-5

I designed these ponchos myself, and they have remained a firm favourite with customers over the years. They are easy to wear and pop on over heads without having to struggle with sleeves. As I wash all recycled knitwear first, they are machine washable, but please use the wool cycle.

You can find them over on the website in the kids and babies section, along with measurements and all the information you will need

They come in four sizes: age 1-3. age 3-5. age 6-9 and teen. Don’t forget that I also make adult ponchos. We wouldn’t want the grown ups missing out!


I’ll leave you with a rogue’s gallery of some of my pixie poncho wearing little peeps. If you get a poncho, I’d love to receive a photo.

Pixie Poncho Peeps

Pixie Poncho Peeps


A Really Lovely Moment

GG14When you make one off pieces and sell them yourself at events such as The Green Gathering, each and every sale becomes a personal encounter. It is a joy to get to know my customers, some of whom I’ve forged real friendships with. I want to write about the moment depicted in this photo. It was Sunday night at the Green Gathering, 2015, and we had quite a crowd at The Woolly Pedlar’s tent. It was just beginning to get dark, I had a gin and tonic in my hand, the minirig was playing some good tunes and we were busy with lots of visitors to the stall.

GG20Gretel, the lady on the far right of the photo had come along wearing the sweatercoat she’s bought earlier that day. I’d nicknamed the coat ‘Tangerine Dream’ and Gretel looked stunning in it. She’d married it up with a super skirt an accessories and looked ready for a good night’s partying.

I was thrilled to hear from Gretel that she would be taking the coat down to Inspiral Lounge at Camden in London in a few weeks for a night out.

Next to Gretel in the photo is a mannequin – we’ll ignore that, except to say that that sweatercoat is also sold! So, next to Gretel, and next to the mannequin from right to left is Kim.

GG16Kim had already been along to the stall several times over the weekend and had bought her self this aqua sweatercoat, which fitted her like a dream, and was just the right colours for her.  She looked sensational! When she later posted a this photo of her wearing it on her Facebook page, she got heaps of compliments, and now uses it as her profile picture.

Kim had also treated herself to a hooded jumper she tells me will be really useful for walking the dogs in. I was over the moon to see Kim return again on the Sunday night for the blue and grey poncho she had been eyeing up all weekend!
gg21Next to Kim in the photo is Lizzie, and apologies to Lizzie as I don’t have a photo of her alone! Lizzie bought this red hooded jumper and looked amazing in it!

Lizzie is mum to Em who helps to run the Green Gathering and did an admirable job running the Trader’s Market. Lizzie was rightly very proud of Em, and was full of praise for her daughter.



Last but not least along the line is Sarah, who bought not one but two ponchos! Sarah writes a blog called The Compost Bin and writes about life as The Compost Woman. Sarah lives on a four acre small holding and lives as sustainable as she can, running courses, and working as an environmental educator and Forest school leader. I spotted Sarah walking out of another stall wearing her autumnal colour poncho. She looks fab in both of them, but I am particularly fond of the ‘Damson Gin’ poncho she wearing in the group photo.

It was a really lovely moment, as the four ladies met at the stall. We hugged, and for a moment, really connected. This to me was a very significant end to a wonderful festival where connecting with people who have similar ethics and a similar way of life to me was a big part of the weekend. I felt a genuine warmth to all four ladies, and since then we’ve found each other on Facebook and hope pur paths will cross again soon. I very much hope to be at next year’s Green Gathering, and hope too that Gretel, Kim, Lizzie and Sarah will be there too.