The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East Take Two – More Snow

More snow! It would appear we are in the grips of ‘The Beast from the East Two’. Driving snow and strong winds are making themselves known for the second time this month. This month being March. We are all in need of Spring.

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East

My thoughts are with two groups of people today. The homeless and our farmers. I met a lassie in Cardiff this week who said her home was under a bridge. I cannot imagine what last night was like for her.

The Beast from the East 2

The Beast from the East 2

Living rurally in Northumberland, we heard our farmer up and about long before we were this morning, checking for lambs. What a week to be lambing! Not only are our farmers out in this awful weather feeding and searching for livestock, but many are out in snow ploughs clearing our roads too.

This lady had to be dug out of the snow during the first Beast from the east a couple of weeks ago on my friend Julie’s farm up in Allenheads here in Northumberland.

Over the hill in Nenthead and Alston everyone is cut off again. Hoping to get over to see my new granddaughter early next week. Last time the snow drifts were riciculously big. Hopefully not that bad this time.

What a snow day does give, though is a day to stay in, light the fire, pick up some knitting, or in my case, spend the day taking photos and getting new products onto the website.

Merino Wool Neckwarmer

Merino Wool Neckwarmer

Merino wool neckwarmers

Merino wool neckwarmers

You lot absolutely love my merino wool neckwarmers. I’m not surprised, as they are so comfy to wear, yet so warm and practical. It’s amazing when you take an old merino wool jumper or cardigan that’s been preloved but isn’t going to be worn anymore, and upcycle it into a funky new, bang on trend item. I love giving textiles a new lease of life. Hop over to Accessories to see what’s new.

Upcycled wool poncho and ruana

Upcycled wool poncho and ruana

I’ve also added this lovely poncho and woolly wrap to the website to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Mind you, a couple of you reminded me that it was St Gurtrude’s Day too. Check out Women’s Clothing for these two and other upcycled designs to keep you cosy through these chilly days.

St Gurtrude's Day

St Gurtrude’s Day

I thought I’d give the baby section some tlc too, and have listed three lovely baby blankets. Made from supersoft lambswool and cashmere, babies find these comforting and warm.

Pale Pink & Cream Patchwork Wool Baby Blanket

Pale Pink & Cream Patchwork Wool Baby Blanket

Have you had a productive snow day, or have you wallowed in your pjs and had a lazy day?


Here’s hoping you’re keeping cosy, whatever you’re doing.



Walking in Northumberland

That Old Chestnut – A Healthy Work Life Balance

We’ve just got back from our second 4 mile walk in a fortnight. When you live in beautiful rural Northumberland, it’s a crime not to get outdoors. No need for the gym with hills like these. It’s all about getting a healthy work life balance, which, when you’re self employed, is easier said than done.

Walking in Northumberland

Walking in Northumberland

I’ve had to give myself a jolly good talking to again. Having already left teaching due to stress related ill health, I could feel my health taking a tumble again in the run up to Christmas.

I’m just too darn driven. I have an idea, and I let it run away with me. I see an event, and not wanting to miss out, I book it. I work too hard, and I don’t allow myself enough down time.

That needs to change. So, instead of New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit (I always need to do more of that), I’m resolving to do more for myself, to allow myself some time off to develop new hobbies and friendships.

It’s started well, with two fabulous country walks, and yesterday I went to my first art class in a very long time.  It was a life drawing class, though the model was the son of the teacher, and he kept his pants on!

I am also going to take some ‘Granny leave’. Our Hannah is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild, a little girl, and I want to be able to help her all I can. It would be terrible if I were too busy working to enjoy my first granddaughter. At very least, I need to find time for lots of granny knitting – I’ve finished this dear little dress.

I still plan to be making lots of lovely designs, selling online, and being an active member of The Wool Clip, with all that entails for Woolfest, but maybe not going at it at such a ridiculous pace.

Here’s to a healthy work / life balance.


Northumberland sheep farming

Northumberland sheep farming


Well, that was fun! Open Studio & Garden Party 2017

I cannot let the week go by without writing a quick blog post telling you about all the fun we had this weekend at my first ever Open Studio and Garden Party.

In true British style, it hoyed it down all weekend! That didn’t damper spirits though, and the sound of chatter and laughter rung out from our conservatory. It was all a bit much for my husband, who went and hid in the greenhouse! Mind you, he did get the door fixed on it that has been waiting a while.

We had cake. Boy, did we have cake! I was so busy chatting to folk and helping with purchases that I didn’t get a chance for lunch, and had cake for lunch two days on the trot. I’m thrilled to say that we raised £107.32 for West Northumberland Food Bank from donations for cake.

The house, garden and woolly garret had never looked so clean and tidy, and I’d opened up the woolly garret for folk to see where I worked. Ever the teacher, I took great delight in showing these girls how my overlocker worked. The little one shrieked with laughter as the trimmings shot down the shoot!

The weekend such such a resounding success that I’m going to do it all again next year. the dates have been set for 22 and 22 of June 2018. Many are talking about making a weekend of it, as exploring this beautiful corner of Northumberland.

Helen from Stanegate Hideaways is offering 10% discount for booking of her Shepherd’s Huts and holiday cottages if you are coming to The Woolly Pedlar Open Studio & Garden Party. We also have two cracking Youth Hostels here, at The Sill and Ninebanks.

Sorry to mention the ‘C’ words, but I’ve also set the date for a Christmas open house on 2nd & 3rd December.

This has to be the quickest blog I’ve written, but I must get back up to the woolly garret and get jumper making!



Spring Time Hexham

A Lovely Spring Day in Hexham

Yesterday I had a lovely day in Hexham, my local market town. It started with me taking photos of the Spring flowers in the park. I thought I’d show you them here in my blog. I also want to sing the praises of Hexham town centre, with it’s beautiful park, ancient Abbey and quirky independent stores.

Spring Time Hexham

Spring Time in Hexham

Yesterday was one of those days when Spring was nudging gently against Winter. Although there was a chilly wind, the sun was shining, and I was looking forward to my Tuesday in Hexham.

Tuesday is my day for jumper gathering, and I can be found, like an old bag lady, scurrying from one charity shop to another, collecting the waste wool knitwear that they had put aside for me. I’ve written before about this  in my blog, Scope Step Up to The Plate.

This Tuesday however, I had a few other extras to look forward to. I was meeting my dear friend Anne for lunch at Hextol Tans having my grey hair coloured, and had a meeting with Cool Terry from TWDA who looks after my website for me.

The Bandstand, Sele Park, Hexham

The Bandstand, Sele Park, Hexham

Before I did all that though, I grabbed the chance to take some photos in the Sele park. The sunshine was glorious, and the Spring flowers splendid. We have a newly renovated bandstand here in the Sele Park at Hexham. I belong to Tynedale Community Choir, and we can sometimes be found here in the summer months practising our singing.

Hexham Abbey from The Sele Park

Hexham Abbey from The Sele Park

Hexham Abbey was looking glorious too, bathed in Spring sunshine, and is well worth a visit if you are ever in Hexham. It rises majestically in the market place, and is a sight to behold form every angle, both inside and out. I love to walk around the park and under the arch at the side and marvel at the sandstone architecture.

Hexham Abbey

Hexham Abbey

As I finished taking photos in the Sele Park, I spotted my friend Jeanette, sitting on a bench having a break in between her cleaning jobs. She shared her mocha coffee and croissants with me, and we had a lovely unexpected catch up.  A lovely surprise!

Sele Park, Hexham

Sele Park, Hexham

I left he park and went jumper gathering – another mighty fine haul from Hexham’s Charity shops! These are now in the washing machine at home, and will soon be being cut up and sewn into new creations. Head over to the shop on this website to see what I’ve been making lately.

My meeting with Terry at TWDA went really well, and I’d encourage you to take a look at all the other pages in my website here.  They’re all looking mighty fine!

St Mary's Chare, Hexham

St Mary’s Chare, Hexham

I met my friend Anne for lunch at Hextol Tans, which is on St Mary’s Chare, although the locals know it as ‘back street’ . Anne and I worked together at Priory School in Hexham, when I was teaching students who have learning difficulties. I was over the moon to find to two of the students we used to teach now working in The Tans – so good to see them! The food and service at The Tans is super. It is run by The Hextol Foundation, which is a local charitable company which is helping people who are disadvantaged in the workplace to get jobs, work experience, training and a sense of purpose. I for one will be making The Tans a regular stopping off place in the future.

The day was finished nicely with a trip to the hairdressers to get my grey hairs hidden, and then home when my other half was cooking buckwheat pancakes for our Shrove Tuesday tea.

With all the out of town stores rising up not only in our town of Hexham, but all over the country, I really do implore you to seek out your town centres. Visit those quirky independent stores. Hexham has an abundance of them, and they all need your business to survive! #shoplocal!

The Woolly Pedlar's Market Stall

The Woolly Pedlar’s Market Stall

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be in Hexham on Saturday April 22nd in The Sele Park, with the full kit and kaboodle, with a stall stuffed full of upcycled woolly wares. It is the Hexham Spring Fair and Eating Festival, with plenty to keep all the family amused. Do hope to see you there!


Jeremy Corbyn supports small business

Jeremy Corbyn Supports The Woolly Pedlar

Here at Woolly HQ, I am one very excited Woolly Pedlar. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of The Labour Party, has just visited our local village shop, Bardon Mill Village Shop and Tea Room, and bought his lovely wife, Laura one of my upcycled woolly wraps!

Bardon Mill Village Shop

Bardon Mill Village Store and Tea Room, one of The Woolly Pedlar’s local stockists

Imagine my excitement when I heard that Jeremy Corbyn was on the same train from Newcastle as my son’s girlfriend, and not only that, but he had got off the train with his wife, Laura, at Bardon Mill. Now, Bardon Mill is only a very small station, and we only get half a dozen trains stopping there a day. It is, however, a gateway up to the magnificent countryside of Hadrian’s Wall and that was where Jeremy and his wife were headed for a well earned day off and walk in stunning countryside after all the hustle and bustle of the Labour Conference the previous week.

Hadrian's Wall at Steel Rigg, Bardon Mill, Northumberland

Hadrian’s Wall at Steel Rigg

As Jeremy and Laura walked up towards the village, my son Tom chatted to him about walking and the countryside around, and the route their walk could take.

In the shop, my son’s girlfriend and Jeremy helped Laura choose which woolly wrap suited her the best, and Jeremy bought it for her.

Jeremy Corbyn buys from The Woolly Pedlar

Jeremy Corbyn chooses his wife a woolly wrap made by The Woolly Pedlar at Bardon Mill Village Store and Tearoom


I don’t know what your political persuasion is, and I do try to keep politics out of my work, but I am a huge fan of Jeremy Corbyn. I strongly believe in anti-austerity and equality, and believe that he is the best thing to have happened to British politics in a very long time. I was over the moon to hear that Jeremy liked my work enough to buy his wife something.


I am as pleased as punch that my upcycled woolly wares will be going back down to London with Jeremy and Laura. I hope they enjoyed their walk, and I hope my wrap kept Laura warm!

If you’d like a woolly wrap like Laura, Jeremy Corbyn’s wife, then head over to Woolly Wraps, in Women’s Clothing on the web shop and you’ll find a good selection.

You can also find out where I’ll be selling my woolly wares next using the Events tab.

Local Stockists can be found under ‘Customer Info’.

Jeremy Corbyn supports small business

Jeremy Corbyn support small business in north east The Woolly Pedlar