Time to regenerate. The Woolly Pedlar is For Sale

Time to Regenerate – The Woolly Pedlar is for Sale

Personally, I’m not a Dr Who fan, but I do like the analogy of regenerating, which is what I am hoping The Woolly Pedlar will do.  I am looking for  someone else, or a group of someone elses to take the reins from me, and become the new Woolly Pedlar. I have always promised myself that by the time I’m 60, I’ll have written a book, and this week I am heading up to Newcastle University to find out about doing my MA in Creative Writing in September. I’m 57 next week, so I have three years in which to get writing! I also begin childminding my granddaughter very soon, as her mum, my daughter, returns to work.

So, whilst The Woolly Pedlar is doing really well, and I’m still loving making clothes from your preloved sweaters, I feel that this is a good time to sell the business. Would you like to be the next Woolly Pedlar?  Do you have passion for fibre and wool, or for running an ethical business? There’s nothing to say that you have to run the business the same way as I have done, but with the sale, I’m offering all goodwill, my very active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, website and branding. There is also the option to get the machinery and hardware plus any surplus stock. I would give all my designs and knowledge and work with you as much as I can to help with the transition.

So, if you know of someone, or a group of folk that would like to take over this thriving business, then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!