Spring Time Hexham

A Lovely Spring Day in Hexham

Yesterday I had a lovely day in Hexham, my local market town. It started with me taking photos of the Spring flowers in the park. I thought I’d show you them here in my blog. I also want to sing the praises of Hexham town centre, with it’s beautiful park, ancient Abbey and quirky independent stores.

Spring Time Hexham

Spring Time in Hexham

Yesterday was one of those days when Spring was nudging gently against Winter. Although there was a chilly wind, the sun was shining, and I was looking forward to my Tuesday in Hexham.

Tuesday is my day for jumper gathering, and I can be found, like an old bag lady, scurrying from one charity shop to another, collecting the waste wool knitwear that they had put aside for me. I’ve written before about this  in my blog, Scope Step Up to The Plate.

This Tuesday however, I had a few other extras to look forward to. I was meeting my dear friend Anne for lunch at Hextol Tans having my grey hair coloured, and had a meeting with Cool Terry from TWDA who looks after my website for me.

The Bandstand, Sele Park, Hexham

The Bandstand, Sele Park, Hexham

Before I did all that though, I grabbed the chance to take some photos in the Sele park. The sunshine was glorious, and the Spring flowers splendid. We have a newly renovated bandstand here in the Sele Park at Hexham. I belong to Tynedale Community Choir, and we can sometimes be found here in the summer months practising our singing.

Hexham Abbey from The Sele Park

Hexham Abbey from The Sele Park

Hexham Abbey was looking glorious too, bathed in Spring sunshine, and is well worth a visit if you are ever in Hexham. It rises majestically in the market place, and is a sight to behold form every angle, both inside and out. I love to walk around the park and under the arch at the side and marvel at the sandstone architecture.

Hexham Abbey

Hexham Abbey

As I finished taking photos in the Sele Park, I spotted my friend Jeanette, sitting on a bench having a break in between her cleaning jobs. She shared her mocha coffee and croissants with me, and we had a lovely unexpected catch up.  A lovely surprise!

Sele Park, Hexham

Sele Park, Hexham

I left he park and went jumper gathering – another mighty fine haul from Hexham’s Charity shops! These are now in the washing machine at home, and will soon be being cut up and sewn into new creations. Head over to the shop on this website to see what I’ve been making lately.

My meeting with Terry at TWDA went really well, and I’d encourage you to take a look at all the other pages in my website here.  They’re all looking mighty fine!

St Mary's Chare, Hexham

St Mary’s Chare, Hexham

I met my friend Anne for lunch at Hextol Tans, which is on St Mary’s Chare, although the locals know it as ‘back street’ . Anne and I worked together at Priory School in Hexham, when I was teaching students who have learning difficulties. I was over the moon to find to two of the students we used to teach now working in The Tans – so good to see them! The food and service at The Tans is super. It is run by The Hextol Foundation, which is a local charitable company which is helping people who are disadvantaged in the workplace to get jobs, work experience, training and a sense of purpose. I for one will be making The Tans a regular stopping off place in the future.

The day was finished nicely with a trip to the hairdressers to get my grey hairs hidden, and then home when my other half was cooking buckwheat pancakes for our Shrove Tuesday tea.

With all the out of town stores rising up not only in our town of Hexham, but all over the country, I really do implore you to seek out your town centres. Visit those quirky independent stores. Hexham has an abundance of them, and they all need your business to survive! #shoplocal!

The Woolly Pedlar's Market Stall

The Woolly Pedlar’s Market Stall

I’m delighted to say that I’ll be in Hexham on Saturday April 22nd in The Sele Park, with the full kit and kaboodle, with a stall stuffed full of upcycled woolly wares. It is the Hexham Spring Fair and Eating Festival, with plenty to keep all the family amused. Do hope to see you there!


Christmas Markets Begin – Don’t Panic Mrs Mainwaring!

If there were a theme tune running through my life over the next few weeks it would be Benny Hill’s Yakety Sax. I often used to use this tune when doing sensory dramas in my former life as a special needs teacher when we wanted to show people rushing around like headless chickens. Any other fellow artists or crafters reading this may well identify with how I’m feeling. There is SO much to do, so much to make and just not enough daylight hours in the day!
Whose idea was it to turn the flippin clocks back? I don’t usually moan or grumble publically and like to always present a positive image, but when you’re sewing frantically and it’s dark at 5 because some ninny decided to put the clocks back then there is cause for complaint. I know of two people who refuse to take part in this and sometimes find themselves an hour late for appointments, but live by summer time all year round. As I enter mad old lady territory, I am very tempted to do the same.
It is as if someone has pressed the fast forward button on a tape recorder (for those of you who are old enough to remember taper recorders that is) and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, minutes in the hours to not only make enough stock to do the Christmas markets justice, but to keep house and home together, do the shopping, cooking, housework and get my own family’s Christmas sorted. Mind you, the latter will have to wait til after my last Christmas market on 19th December, and with two grown up sons living at home, I will certainly be sharing out the chores!

Having said that, trading at numerous Christmas markets is wonderful, not only being a part of my lovely trader family again, but it does offer the ideal opportunity to buy wonderful, locally handmade presents – something I try to do every year now and which I’ll be writing about in another blog very soon.

So, without further ado, I will sign off and head up to the woolly garret, where a delicious pile of fuschia, magenta and navy blue jumpers waiting for me. Trouble is, it’s only eight o’clock in the morning, and everyone else is still asleep. My youngest son sleeps right underneath my workshop and says that my sewing machine sounds like a helicopter coming into land! Oh well, sorry son, I need to get on. Brocksbushes Christmas Fair is on 12th November in two weeks time.

Don’t panic Mrs Mainwaring!

Being Filmed for You Tube and the Telly

It’s been quite a week for filming here at Woolly HQ, what with Tyne Tees Television here talking about the economy, and Film Able here making a You Tube documentary.

studio-space Needless to say, I am one of those creative souls who lives and works in a right muddle, so before any film crews arrived, it was time to tidy up! I am very fortunate to live in a big house, with empty rooms as children are fleeing the nest. We have a third floor, and I have completely taken over this with my woolly pedlaring. I have a workshop and studio, which is great, but means even more room to make a mess in!

However, I was really pleased with the result and felt it would make a good backdrop to the films.



Helen-Ford-ITV-Mar-2015Don’t you just love the contacts that can be made through social media? I was phoned a couple of weeks ago by Helen Ford from Tyne Tees Television after I’d followed her on Twitter, to see if I’d like to take part in a feature looking at how local businesses were fairing in this present economic climate.

Helen was lovely to talk to, and did the filming herself. We chatted about the local economy and the importance of encouraging folk to buy local and buy handmade to support small businesses. I talked on camera about this, and how awesome the support from other local busineses has been. We discussed social media and how this gives a global platform to small businesses like myself.

Helen tells me she is planning for the feature to be broadcast at 6pm on Tuesday 7th April on Tyne Tees if you are able to tune in.

workshopI’ve also been busy making a You Tube video about my woolly pedlaring and have had Film Able here. Under the guidance of Vicky and Mark from Haltwhistle Film Project, Film Able are a group of filmakers who have learning difficulties, who I first came across when working at Priory School in Hexham. I’d wanted a film making obout the organic vegetable garden I’d built with my students, and Film Able had done such a super job back then, I had no hesitation in asking them to help film me at work, and out and about with my woolly wares. Cool Terry, my web designer says it would be a really good idea to put a You Tube vidoe out about what I do, and put it on the website.


Tess and Marilyn from Film Able had already come along to Hexham Christmas Market back in December and had filmed me at work. Coincidentally they filmed what was one of my best sales of the year! I expect I’ll be beaming when we get to see the film. They also filmed my workshop and me at work from various angles, and me talking about what I do and why I do it before we went out into the garden to film me twirling around in some of my sweatercoats. We had lots of fun and a laughs, but at the same time worked hard on the film. I am so impressed by the skills this film making group have and am really looking forward to seeing the finished film, which of course I’ll share with you here when it’s ready.