Think I’ll keep this one!

It’s a tough call, modelling ones’ own work, especially when like me, you’re on the hefty side and have pretty poor self confidence about how you look. I was interested to see that fellow woolly artist ‘Woolly Wormhead’  felt the same and this week bit the bullet and modelled one of her own beautiful knitted hats over on her Facebook page (not I might hasten to add that Woolly Wormhead is at all hefty).

My punters say they’d far rather see one of my upcycled woolly creations on a real person rather than a dummy, but living out in the sticks with three men in the house, and my beautiful daughter having moved out, I’m rather stuck!


I’m probably biased, but I think my daughter Hannah, is drop dead gorgeous, and being a slim size 10/12 looks great in practically anything I give her to model. It’s funny how we see ourselves. She doesn’t agree with me!

A friend once said I should model my own designs as there would be a lot of very big women out there who would love to see a large lady in the photographs! Hmmmm, I’ll take that as a compliment, I think!

So this week I bit the bullet and put on some of my new jumper dresses. Two of them clung to my large posterior so badly I had to resort to the mannequin. Another was so tight across the boobs it has spurred me on to try and shed a few pounds, and is one of those photos that could be put on the fridge door to deter the evening munchies. However, when I put a photo of me modelling the orange stripy jumper on my Facebook page, I got tonnes and tonnes of compliments. Bless you all! It did me the power of good.

Just that very afternoon, I’d sat down on my bed oppsite a mirror, and got a nasty shock. Sitting down in front of a mirror in the week after Christmas when you have gone up another dress size is not to be recommended. So, the barrage of compliments about how I looked in the new jumper dress were a total but very welcome surprise.

So, with that in mind, I think I’ll keep this one!