Turn and Face the Strange – Facebook Changes 2018

So, Facebook is changing. Mark Zuckerberg has said that the changes happening to Facebook in 2018 will be the biggest that have ever happened in Facebook. I’ve been on a webinar, and listened to videos and podcasts, and this is how I see it happening, and what I plan to do about it as a business page.

Soon there will be two news feeds – one for friends, families and ads, and another for business pages and groups in a new ‘explore’ feed.  This means that it will be harder for you to find my posts and engage with them. As a business it will be harder to get my message and products across to you.

So, as a small business, I want to make sure that my posts reach people and appear high up in the new explore feed.

Facebook loves videos, especially ‘live’ videos, but what it does not like are videos from other channels such a You Tube. By all means, make a video and load it up to You Tube, but don’t go sharing that on your Facebook business page. Instead, be brave and do a Facebook Live video!

I am going to put my big girls’ pants on, on Sunday 28th at 3pm and do a Facebook Live post from the woolly garret. I’ve found an old painting easel to balance my ipad on, and will even hunt out some lippy. I want to show folk some of the sale stock, and will be running a free giveaway of two cashmere cowls. I’m planning on using Facebook Live as a visual newsletter, and plan to do regular Facebook Lives.  Do come and join in!

Cashmere cowl, neck warmer or snood, brights

Cashmere cowl, neck warmer or snood, brights

Facebook wants you to stay on Facebook, so keep links to outside websites and blogs to a minimum – I write a newsletter through Mailchimp and blog on the website, and will be encouraging folk to sign up for that even more now, so they can get all the news in their in boxes rather than relying on the fickle friend that Facebook is.

Another top tip is to make your Facebook posts interesting, timely and relevant to your audience. My followers love to see photos of the beautiful Northumberland countryside, and hear about how things are growing in the garden, as well as seeing news about what I’ve been making. I am very much an ethical business, and so will be inviting discussions on various ethical topics such as reducing plastic in packaging, recycling and reducing waste.  It’s about so much more than just selling products!

You can help by doing several things:

  • Select to ‘get notifications’ from The Woolly Pedlar
  • Comment on posts that are interesting to you – the more folk engage with posts, the more Facebook will share them.
  • Sign up to my newsletter and blog using the sign up form on the homepage of this website
  • Join in with the Facebook Live events over on The Woolly Pedlar page – the first one being Sunday 28th at 3pm.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you on Sunday 🙂

The Woolly Pedlar

The Woolly Pedlar

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