Well I never did, we’re in the paper!

Last week I wrote about the launch of the online shop, and I’m pleased to say that Monday saw me going to the post office with an armful of orders. We’ve been debating over on my Facebook page, about packaging and whether I should reuse old carrier bags and other packaging or continue to use the purple biodegradable packaging from Eco Mailing Bags that have served me well, and look kind of stylish. The latter won.

After Monday, however, the online shop has gone very quiet. Well, it is February, and we are still recovering from Christmas. It’s a good time of year, before the festival season begins, to spend some time on new designs and promotion. I’m working on a new design for wheelchairs users, the Woolly Warmer, but more of that at a later date.

I’ve been going through my ‘Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook’ and emailing newspapers and magazines to see if they would like to do a feature on my woolly pedlaring. You know the Geodie saying, ‘shy bairns get nowt’! So far, I’ve contacted some of our local north east publications, and am up to ‘C’ in the alphabet with the national ones.

I was delighted when 2 days after my email, The Journal newspaper phoned and did a telephone interview, and then sent a photographer round straight away. The photographer was lovely, really enthusiastic about my work took lots of photos and a video.

By Thursday I was in the online edition and by Friday, I was in the paper itself – Quick work boys! The photographer said The Chronicle might also pick up on the story, which would be great.

We had talked on the phone, the journalist and I, about my memory blankets, amongst other things, and this was one of the angles he took in his report.


As with this blanket here, I make throws or bedspreads using the jumpers that have belonged to a loved one. This one here is made from cashmere jumpers that belonged to a lady’s mum. She had lots of old cashmere jumpers that the moths that got into, and as her mother hated throwing anything away, thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone could make anything from them. I cut out enough rectangles to make this bedspread, a memory blanket for her.
I’ve recently been asked to make a 21st birthday blanket using football shirts and tops the family have collected


I’ll leave you to read the newspaper article yourselves. Here it is, with the photo they used.  Good to get some publicity, and here’s hoping some of the nationals get in touch too!


meOne thing the Journal failed to mention was that I’m making my first appearance next weekend on Valentine’s Day, at our local Farmer’s Market. It’ll be good to get the Woolly Pedlar tent out for the first time this year and join Hexham Farmer’s Market. I heard this week they’ve been entered for the Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards in the best marker category. Good timing! It’ll be great to be part of this vibrant bustling market. It you’re anywhere near to Hexham on 14th Feb, do pop along to the farmer’s market and say hello. If you’ve got any old jumpers that getting chucked out, then bring them along too – I give rewards!

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